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Your Journey Towards Good Health Begins Here

As you move through different stages in life, you may encounter changes in your health. At Alpine Women’s Health, we are committed to responding to the individual needs and concerns of every woman.
Our team of physicians focus on providing high quality personalized obstetrics and gynecologic care. We care about your well-being and will guide you on your journey towards good health.

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In the news: Are you experiencing abnormal uterine bleeding?

Follow up with your gynecologist after answering the following questions:

• What is the frequency, duration, and volume of your menstrual bleeding?
• Do you have bleed-through accidents with your period?
• Have you missed school or work because of problems with your period?
• Do you have symptoms of iron deficiency anemia: fatigue, headache or exercise intolerance?
• Would you like an alternative choice to pads and tampons?
• How would you feel about having a shorter or lighter period?

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I came to Alpine Women’s Health as a new patient and newly pregnant. Due to my medical history, I was put in the high-risk category. My main goal was to have a safe pregnancy and to deliver a healthy baby. Dr. DeKay and his staff helped us achieve that and they were incredibly sensitive and accommodating to our wishes throughout my pre-natal care.
Monica Limon with her son Julien
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